Honestly Loving This Company!

With so many things to think about regarding the new little bundle that is about to arrive, from the safest carseat to the cutest shoes, it can be easy to forget about the most important basics. . . like diapers. After doing quite a bit of research on this topic over the last few months, I have decided to go with The Honest Company’s diapers and wipes bundle and let me tell you why. As someone who is concerned with the wellbeing and future of this planet we all call home, diapers are one of the most harmful and destructive thing to go into our landfills yearly due to their non biodegradable nature; not too mention the many harsh chemicals they contain (see article here). Now back in my mom’s day when cloth diapers were all the rage and diapering services were quite affordable, this may have been an option I would consider, however, with cloth diapering services being quite pricey these days (upward of $100-$150/month and let’s face it there’s NO WAY I’m dealing with that myself!) I started looking into other planet friendy(er) options and that’s when I stumbled across The Honest Company.

At first this company appeared to be more expensive than most with a months supply of diapers and wipes costing $79.95 (including shipping), however, after researching the cost of many different brands of diapers and wipes I learned that their pricing is comparable, if not cheaper, than some major labels and they are shipped directly to your door within 2 days! Their diapers are eco-friendly, free of harsh chemicals and animal testing, they offer super cute prints to choose from, and after talking to friends and reading reviews the diapers are super absorbent and fit well!! Not to mention their other products and essentials bundles are fabulous too. Keep them in mind for your next diapering extravaganza!

Happy Diapering ❤








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